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Scuba Diving Belize

We have our own Dive Shop on property, located on our dock. Our dive master will offer free Try-Dives in our pool to get acquainted with diving. When you are interested you can do a PADI or SDI certification which takes about three or four days. We also offer junior programs for kids 10 to 14.

We like our guests to have a relaxed diving experience, so while diving there is no hurry. The diving groups are small and according to the skills so everyone can enjoy the incredible underwater life.

Scuba Diving Belize        Scuba Diving Belize

The Belize Barrier Reef is a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located just off the shore (about 800 meters from our resort) and is the second largest (and largest living) coral reef in the world making this a diving and snorkeling paradise.

The Great Blue Hole is the World's largest known underwater sinkhole at 300 meters wide that plunges to 130 meters at the center of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It is made famous by marine explorer Jacques Cousteau and is the most famous dive site in Belize and a must for every hard core diver.

The most popular Snorkel sites are Hol Chan, a natural cut in the reef, Shark Ray Alley where you swim with Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays and Mexico Rocks, right in front of Portofino Resort.

Visibility averages 30, sometimes 45 meters on clear days, light winds from April to June. Waters are calm; temperature averages around 27 degrees Celsius.

Scuba Diving Belize        Scuba Diving Belize

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