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Tropical Storm Matthew

Posted on 25 Sep, 2010 in the Portofino News Category. 1 Comment


Dear Portofino Friends and Family,
as you may know Tropical Storm Matthew passed by today over Belize… We had some strong winds and the ocean was very rough. The high tide is going down and the wind is back to normal. At noon our boat left to San Pedro for arrivals and departures. Continental and Tropic Air are flying. Our guests had fun on the beach this morning, taking pictures and shooting videos. We lost a few boards from our dock but we are putting them back as we speak. The sun is now shining over here and it is time to start cleaning up, while our guests are swimming already in the pool.

1 Response to "Tropical Storm Matthew"

1 | HOTEL BELIZE said on October 7th, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Thank God nothing happened and that was minor damage is a relief to know that all is well and now continue to enjoy Belize, Greetings friends

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Kobrie and Brian – Wedded in Paradise

Posted on 09 Jul, 2010 in the Articles about Portofino Beach Resort|Portofino Weddings Category. 2 Comments

Dear Portofino Friends, here we have posted the story from Kobrie and Brian which they have shared with the Belize Tourism Board. Last month they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, CONGRATS Kobrie and Brain! We hope that you will keep on Honeymooning for many more years! – Lots of love from your Portofino Family!

kobrie_brian_2When my husband and I first started looking for places to have a destination wedding, we had a few requirements. A day of travel that didn’t actually take a full day’s time: hopefully. Warm tropical waters, and a sandy beach: a must. Thatched roofs: a priority. A plethora of activities: ABSOLUTELY!! After a lengthy search, we found Belize; it had it all, and then some.

The Portofino Beach resort in Belize was our dream come true for both our wedding and our honeymoon. Beach front, a fantastic pool, beautiful accommodations, an on site restaurant, and, yes, thatched roofs. As a small boutique resort, Portofino offers personal service and truly works with you to create your perfect wedding. Over the first several days we were there, the staff made sure our every request was met. They assisted us in planning day trips for scuba diving and snorkeling on the beautiful reef, cave tubing, ziplining, and tours of the Mayan ruins. They created a special menu for our rehearsal dinner complete with one-of-a-kind center pieces in our wedding colors, designed a beautiful bridal bouquet, and, quite frankly, took my breath away with the floral arrangements designed to be the walkway and alter. Portofino took care of everything! We even had a one-of-a-kind, made on-site wedding cake. After the ceremony, the staff even thought to provide us with a wonderful surprise, by decorating our suite with an assortment of fresh flowers. There was nothing they didn’t think of, or make happen; it was as if the word “no” was not part of their vocabulary.

kobrie_brian_3During our stay at Portofino Beach Resort, we were utterly relaxed, without a care in the world. They helped me surprise my husband on his birthday, with an in suite candle light dinner, and went above and beyond to make us feel special. Over our two weeks there, the staff began to feel like our extended family; people to share a drink and a story with. We have nothing but fond memories and warm feelings for both Belize, and the Portofino Beach Resort. It is a trip we, and our families, still talk about, and one we all hope to repeat in the future.

Did Portofino Beach Resort and Belize meet our expectations and more? “You better Belize it!”
Kobrie and Brian Hodge, Fort Worth, TX

2 Responses to "Kobrie and Brian – Wedded in Paradise"

1 | Vacation Belize said on July 20th, 2010 at 8:42 am

Congratulations to the happy couple hope you have many blessings and happiness for life great photos in an idyllic, romantic atmosphere perfect for a wedding

2 | Nicole and Jameson Schroeder said on July 9th, 2010 at 1:46 pm

I loove your dress. It is so cool!

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BHA’s Biannual Meeting at Black Orchid Resort

Posted on 02 Jul, 2010 in the Belize News|For our Travel Trade Partners! Category. No comments

Written by Tacogirl, on July 2nd 2010


Today I am doing something out of the ordinary and heading to Burrell Boom with Mike. We have a meeting to attend so I booked us a tacogirl special on the 7:am Tropic Air and away we go. Nothing like a plane ride over the Caribbean Sea to start your day right.

The BHA 2010 Biannual AGM was both educational and productive. Attending the meeting gave Mike and I the opportunity to meet the board members and learn more about the BHA and their mission as well as explain the new website concept to them and answer questions. The Belize Hotel Association board is composed of a strong group of people who are results driven and very focused. The board members are all local business owners who volunteers  by choice because they believe strongly in what they are doing and it shows.

Through increased yearly participation in trade shows abroad the BHA is building a strong presence for  Belize within the travel industry. I thought it was great that they have included information in  a few other languages within their Belize literature. This allows for people in other countries to learn more about Belize in their native tongue and shows a willingness of the BHA to cater to different markets.

The Belize Hotel Association has a very solid marketing plan and with their ongoing participation in Travel and Tourism trade shows and the numbers they are getting show clearly that their marketing plan is working. During the presentation BHA were able to show how tracking traffic on the BTB website showed  increased visits from a specific location as a result of being at a trade show there.

It was very inspiring to learn more about the  Belize Hotel Association’s goals and how they have been continuing to develop their relationship with the Belize Tourism Board in order to create a united vision for Belize.  The two groups have been working hard together to benefit Belize and expand our country in the tourism and travel market. The  BTB has been generously helping the BHA with ongoing funding and this shows that the BTB believes in what the  the BHA is doing and is willing to work together and build something solid.

I have always believed there is enough pie for everyone and in listening to board members of the BHA speak it is clear that they are really working hard to put themselves out there with the goal of knowing that success for any of their members is a success for the team. They have future plans to give members training so that everyone is able to understand and read their statistics and be able to qualify that the hard work is paying off in the form of visits to websites and bookings for it’s members. The saying strength in numbers holds true here and the Belize Hotel association is proof of that.

Tacogirl’s Webiste:

BHA’s Board of Directors:

Doug Thompson (President)
Einer Gomez (Vice President)
Ali Flota (2nd Vice President)
Robin Mc Cutcheon (Treasurer)
Mike Preston (Secretary)
and Directors:
Mariam Roberson (former President)
Teresa Parkey (former President)
Elena Cuellar
Sandra van Noord
Nick Davies

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