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Articles about Portofino Beach Resort

Models at PortofinoTitle: Models at Portofino

Rumors came to our office informing us that there were a few models cruising around town this past weekend. We sent out our celebrity spotter and found out that four international models were on the island for a photo shoot.

Two male and two female models stayed at the brand new Portofino Mansion located on North Ambergris Caye where they worked on a photo shoot. The models were:

* Andres Segura: Is from Barcelona, Spain and well known model for Louis Vuitton (shot ads with Jennifer Lopez), Chanel Allure Sport and GQ.

* Mor Katzir: Is from Haifa, Israel and is a yearly model fro Channel.

* Raica Oliveira: Models for Dior and Lancome and was the girlfriend of celebrity soccer player Rolando.

* Paul Greene: Is an actor/model who has appeared in countless television commercials and international advertising campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Honda and Suzuki.

The modeling crew and agency were so pleased with their hosts at Portofino that they expressed a desire to return for a visit and use the location for future photo shoots.

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Title: Adventures in Belize
“Screaming across the ocean at 60mph an open speedboat ferry is exciting enough. Doing it in pitch dark with a slight bit of rain and lightning in the distance is even more mind numbing. My travel mates didn’t seem to enjoy the bumpy waves but I wasn’t too worried.
Our Captain, although young, had been running this route every night for five years. As we pulled into Portofino, I could see that it was all going to be worthwhile.
A Sandy beach, beautiful huts and a smile on everyone’s face made this a perfect first impression.
Portofino is perfect for couples. Although they cater to marriages, many couples arrive years later to celebrate their anniversaries. The rooms have television that pick up signals from the USA, and there is mosquito netting and A/C in every traditionally styled room.
While out exploring around the property, I ran into the security guard, who taught me more about the Island lifestyle. I learned how to get a hermit crab out of his shell and use it for bait. A few bites and a glimpse of a barracuda were all that I was able to muster before bedtime…..
…… The sudden realization that my seven days were up hit me quite hard. I enjoyed every moment in this fine country. As my friend Marcel, the Maitre D’ at Portofino said to me while we were fishing in San Pedro, “Don’t tell everyone about this place, just to your closest friends”. To that, I say to you my readers and my friends who are reading this, I promise that Belize will be one of your life’s most pleasant experiences.

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Jan and Sandra van NoordTitle: Portofino: Belizean Resort with European Flare

“Getting to know guests from around the world is a key reason why Dutch natives Jan and Sandra van Noord enjoy operating Portofino.”


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